Hello -- My name is Eric Mauriello and I'd like to personally WELCOME you to the EMB PRODUCTIONS website.

To those of you that already know me, thanks for surfing by! Feel free to look around; who knows, some of you may see yourselves or links to your sites here! And please, make sure you sign the guestbook before you leave - so I know you were here.

To those of you that 'don't yet know me', thanks even more for surfing by! Here's some very basic info about me. I have been working as a freelance musician based in the NYC area for over twenty years. My main instrument is bass - but I expanded my musical horizons over the years, as was sometimes necessary, and now play additional instruments as well - including guitar and keyboards.

Often while working with artists I'd find myself giving 'a little extra'. Perhaps, it was suggesting a certain arrangement on a new song for a songwriter, or helping to tighten the rhythm section in a band situation. This kind of naturally just kept evolving and EMB Productions services now includes recording and production. So, feel free to surf around and learn more.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and by all means please make sure that YOU sign the guestbook as well so I know you were here.

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